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Your company is on the path to digitalisation and would like to improve product communication? For this, you need systems and partners that optimally fit you and your individual needs.­ Through analysis and consulting, we support you in identifying these.­ We do this completely independently and objectively.


Product information management (PIM) is first and foremost a principle of action. It is about consolidating all information about products from different sources in the company in one place - the so-called single source of truth -, enriching it there in a targeted manner and then distributing it in different channels and to different addressees. This requirement gave rise to the so-called PIM systems.


In addition to purely technical product information and texts, excellent product communication increasingly requires digital assets (also called media assets), i.e. product images, videos, technical drawings, 3D views, application photos, documents and the like. The system class of digital asset management systems (DAM systems for short) is available for the administration and provision of these digital assets.s


Traditionally, the term publishing refers to the creation and distribution of printed products. With the advent of digital information systems, the term has expanded to include electronic publications.
Publishing solutions support the creation of publications by, among other things, shortening correction cycles, accelerating and automating production, enabling personalisation and much more.


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a business strategy that helps companies to focus consistently on their customers and their needs. By collecting, analyzing, and evaluating customer data, companies can better understand their customers and, based on this, offer personalized information and services in conjunction with the appropriate product data. A class of specialized software solutions is available to support these actions and processes.


Marketing automation refers to the use of software and technology to automate and optimize marketing and sales processes. By automating recurring tasks such as email/online marketing or social media releases using customer and product data, targeted and continuous targeting of prospects with relevant content and offers can be done automatically at the right time at the right customer touchpoint.


The SIMIO principle

Security through an objective basis for decision-making

SIMIO's core values are independence, objectivity and transparency - you can trust them. For us, it is not important which system you ultimately use; what is decisive is that the solution fits you and your requirements in the best possible way.

In our analyses, we always consider the complete solution package, consisting of software, software manufacturer, implementation and the people involved. This gives us a comprehensive knowledge of the analysed solutions and we use this to support you in selecting the system that best suits your requirements.

We are experienced experts and use a detailed and field-tested system in our analyses as well as in our consulting.

We want to support you exactly where you really need it. That is why we first listen to you intensively in order to understand these needs and then accompany you optimally with our know-how and methodology. Our goal is always to enable you to take further steps independently.

Our navigation platform offers a lot of information for a first overview. Beyond that, however, a personal conversation is absolutely necessary. We are very happy to be at your disposal for this.

Your Advantages

Investment Safety

Our comprehensive approach to system selection helps you identify and implement the most suitable system for your needs. This helps you avoid bad investments that cost you a lot of time and money.

Transparency and traceability

We document each of our joint steps in detail. Thanks to this transparency, you can trace and document the decision-making and selection process at any time.


Above all, market research and the creation of an initial pre-selection of possibly suitable solutions (shortlist) requires a great deal of time - time that you can significantly reduce with our support.
Further time advantages in the selection of solutions result if you involve us in the determination of your individual requirements profile and in the further selection process after the creation of a shortlist. In short: With our support, you will reach a valid result more quickly.


A key objective of our work is sustainability. The standardisation of our analyses enables continuous market observation that can be compared at any time. The insights gained can be transferred to your requirement profile.
This enables us to show with which solutions there is the best possible match. The better the selected solution actually fits your requirement profile, the longer and more beneficial you can use it.

Cost saving

Our market knowledge and structured approach leads to savings in overall project costs while increasing the quality of results.

Our services

Objective advice in the selection process

We are happy to support you with a structured and proven approach throughout the entire selection process, i.e. from the formulation of your specific needs to the final decision for a concrete solution - or in parts of the selection process.
And we are also happy to support you with our professional and methodological knowledge during the introduction of systems.
The principle of independence and objectivity always applies: for us, it is not important which solution is ultimately used for you; what is important is that the solution fits you and your requirements in the best possible way.

Pre-selection of suitable solutions

We compare your individual requirements profile with the information in our provider database and create a list of suitable solutions. We will visualise and document the result so that you can use it directly for internal presentations and the like.
Either send us your individual requirements profile or make use of our support in creating the requirements profile.

Market overviews

We use our navigators to create up-to-date overviews for system classes that can be used to optimise product communication. This includes topics such as Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Publishing (PUB), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and others.


We analyse individual solution providers in detail and visualise the condensed results as a profile in our "QUINTESSENCES". The results of the analysis flow simultaneously into our provider database and thus form the basis for the pre-selection of suitable systems.
The available QUINTESSENCES can be viewed in the respective navigators. If you are interested in further evaluations beyond these existing ones, please let us know. We will be happy to take care of it.



For all solution providers who have commissioned a detailed analysis, we create a QUINTESSENCE at the end of the analysis, i.e. a graphical and textual condensation of the analysis results. This QUINTESSENCE is displayed in the Navigator at the corresponding provider and can be requested from us free of charge.
In addition, the granular results of the analysis flow into our provider database; this forms the basis for comparing your individual requirements profile against the profiles of the providers as part of a selection process and from this to create a recommendation of potentially suitable providers.
The analysis of the solutions is based on a very comprehensive catalogue of criteria; the spectrum of criteria covers all areas that are usually considered in a selection process. In addition, we conduct interviews with customers and, if applicable, implementation partners of the providers.


In the individual navigators, we list all solution providers that are relevant in the corresponding market. We create a free minimum entry for each solution provider. These entries can be enriched by the providers in several stages for a fee. We regularly request the relevant information from the providers.


Jürgen Burger

Product communication has been my field of activity for a long time; the focus is always on a holistic approach that includes not only the technology but also the people involved and the inevitable change processes in companies.
We founded SIMIO with the aim of acting as an independent and objective authority to bring transparency to the very heterogeneous supply markets and thus support our customers in selecting a solution that fits their individual requirements and is therefore sustainable.

Susanne Falk

I have been working as a coach for people and systems for many years; my particular strength lies in the analysis of the current situation, which I see as the essential prerequisite for change.
I can optimally contribute this background of experience to SIMIO.
I am also responsible for the entire organisation of work processes.
For me, truthfulness, respect and reliability are essential in working together.


In both market analysis and consulting, we work with highly experienced experts from different subject areas.
The common denominator is that we all act independently and objectively.
This gives us a very efficient team with which we can respond flexibly to the most diverse requirements.

Axel Faber

I am a long-standing sales and marketing-oriented entrepreneur, creative lateral thinker, consultant and implementer on the holistic path of digitizing companies and their processes.

My focus is on "state of the art" CRM and Marketing Automation, Customer Centricity and the related input/output strategies and measures. The analysis of system environments and processes, the development of digital strategies, software evaluations and the initiation as well as the implementation of the resulting digital transformation are also part of my absolute heart and soul.

As SIMIO`s specialist for CRM & Marketing Automation, I will be happy to assist you at any time, also for peripheral topics and innovations.


Jens Thiemann

Als Experte für Produktinformationen (PIM) und Product Experience Management (PXM) bin ich seit über fünfzehn Jahren in einer Vielzahl von (internationalen) Projekten als strategischer Berater oder als Product Owner involviert. Ich helfe, die passenden Produktdaten-Strategien zu finden und die relevanten Daten- und Prozessmodellierung umzusetzen, bzw. verantworte die Entwicklung und den Aufbau eines PIM-/PXM-Systems.Dabei habe ich die unterschiedlichen Anforderungen von Hersteller und Händlern zu unterscheiden gelernt und Fachkompetenz in der Elektronik/Kabel-, Automotive-, Papier/Bürobedarf- und SHK-Branchen, sowie im Handel, Retail & Distribution erworben. Als ausgebildeter Agile Coach und Organisationsentwickler, ist mir bei der Umsetzung eines PIM-/PXM-Projektes wichtig, die Menschen in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen.
Das betrifft sowohl die konsequente Sicht auf den Kunden als auch die Einbindung der Mitarbeitenden. Ich möchte kein PIM-Projekt abliefern, sondern die Mitarbeitenden befähigen, die Konzepte selbst zu verstehen und langfristig und eigenständig verantworten und agieren zu können und dabei konsequent den Kundennutzen in den Mittelpunkt zu stellen.


Herwart von Staudt

Die Digitalisierung betrifft uns alle und wird sowohl die Arbeitswelt als auch unser Konsumverhalten nachhaltig verändern – das wurde uns besonders in der jüngsten Vergangenheit vor Augen geführt. Nur Unternehmen, die sich den Herausforderungen der Digitalisierung aktiv stellen, werden diese auch zu ihrem Vorteil nutzen können.

Als Analyst und Berater für die Digitalisierung von Marketing- und Produktkommunikationsprozessen mit Schwerpunkt Stammdaten-Governance bringe ich kritisches Wissen, methodisches und technisches Know-how gepaart mit jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung aus mehr als 50 MarTech-Implementierungen in jedes Projekt ein.

Als SIMIO's MDM-/PIM-/DAM-Spezialist stehe ich Ihnen gerne jederzeit für Fragen zur Verfügung.


Herwart von Staudt

Digitisation affects us all and will permanently change both the world of work and our consumer behaviour - this has been brought home to us especially in the recent past. Only companies that actively face the challenges of digitalisation will be able to use it to their advantage.

As an analyst and consultant for the digitalisation of marketing and product communication processes with a focus on master data governance, I bring critical knowledge, methodological and technical expertise coupled with decades of experience from more than 50 MarTech implementations to every project.

As SIMIO's MDM/PIM/DAM specialist, I am always available to answer your questions.


The Navigator

"SIMIO offers objective and structured overviews of systems that support the optimisation of product communication. We are happy to offer the detailed knowledge behind these overviews, if required, in order to unlock the greatest possible value for you."

May I invite you to a frank discussion?
Jürgen Burger
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